Privacy Policy

In the privacy policy, “us, we, our” refers to Tapis Mont Sinai and the operators of this website.

We may occasionally review and update the privacy policy of this website, including taking new and amended laws, new and improved technology and/or changes made to our operations into consideration.

The most recent updated privacy policy will govern all personal information provided to us.


All personal information gathered from us are in four categories: contact details, activity history, click trials, and publishable content.

  • Contact details are supplied to us and are stored after you register with us and when you update your details on your account. We do not store any credit card information of any customer of ours. We entrust credit card information to our payment gateway processors and store only the last few digits of the credit card and expiry date for the sole purpose of confirming identity and giving prior notice to credit card expiry when required.
  • Activity history includes orders, inquiries, submitted votes by the website and contacts you have with us offline such as phone calls.
  • Click trials monitor the routes that visitors take through the website. This information is usually recorded against the IP address with the possibility that a computer may correlate it.
  • Publishable content simply consists of comments and other materials that you will like us to publicize on our website.


The publishable content and contact information are gained when they are provided by you either directed to us through email, the website or by other means.

Click trails are however gotten by our servers as each request reaches the website. This includes but not limited to:

  • The browser type you use
  • Time and date of your visit
  • Your IP address
  • The address of the pages you access and documents you download
  • The address of the website that referred you to us

These click trails can be correlated with time via the use of cookies as indicated in section 6. Although, click trails sometimes cannot be directly identified individually.

Activity history is recorded when you carry out an activity such as submit an inquiry, make a comment, wish list a product or when you make contact with us offline via phone calls.


We collect publishable content and republish them to enable a two-way conversation between a visitor and us in public and only when applicable. We collect, use and disclose personal information for the following purposes:

  • To process orders and transaction and facilitate delivery of products and services to you.
  • Promoting Tapis Mont Sinai, its product, and services through direct marketing, events, and competitions, public relations, and social media
  • For carrying out research and statistical analysis including customer satisfaction, products and services and for improvement purposes
  • To enable us to develop existing products, offers and to help us improve on promotional opportunities.
  • To respond to your complaints, requests or queries.
  • To make sure you get updated news and special offers.

Click trail data are collected to:

  • Monitor and access the performance of our website
  • Determine the rate of interest in our products
  • To update and refine the content of our website.
  • To monitor our website and spot violations of the terms and conditions of service or any applicable laws by visitors.


By using our website, you acknowledge and agree that we may occasionally disclose your personal information to third parties under the following conditions:

  • As part of a sale of part or all of our business
  • When you explicitly authorize us to do so during the period when you supply the information
  • To contractors or third party service providers.
  • When required by applicable law.
  • When required by merchants or payment gateways for processing credit card payment.
  • During an investigation by us to determine your activity on our website (including to your internet service provider or network administrator).
  • If there is a cause to believe that you have breached any contract or terms and conditions of our services or that you have committed or are involved in any unlawful activity and disclosure of your personal information is necessary to apprehend you.
  • To prevent any serious threat to a person’s health and safety.


When you submit any material or content to us, you acknowledge and agree that we have every authority to transfer, perpetuate, publish or commercially exploit such materials without any limitation of any kind be it comments, testimonials or forum votes. You are also required to acknowledge that during the submission of any material, the material is wned by you or you have given us the full authority to publicize said materials.  Publication right does not apply to materials that are specially tagged private like your email address except there is a clear violation of the terms and conditions of our service.

You acknowledge and agree that all materials submitted by you for publication may be made available to all visitors of our website or republished in another website of our choosing.

If materials you submit to us for publication contains personal information either yours or a third parties’, we require that you have permission to publish such information and protect us against any consequence resulting from publicizing said information or material.

Contact us immediately if you find your personal information published on our website without your consent as mentioned in section 10.


These are simply electronic tokens containing little amounts of information that are transmitted between a web browser and a server. They are used to manage and maintain the state of sessions or to retain information visits (if you return to the site again).

Cookies can be used to correlate passive activities by tracking data and authenticating the supply of information on a website like inquiries, votes, and comments to minimize malicious spam or traffic.


You can opt-out from the correlation passive activity data by turning off the cookies in your browser. Note that when you disable the cookies on your browser, it may result in a reduction in the performance and availability of functionality on our website including but not limited to the inability to post comments and reviews of products on our website.

When you provide us with your details such as email address, you will be given the opportunity to opt out of getting marketing information either by email or other means.

You will also be given an option to opt out from receiving communication from us as it is stated in the privacy policy of this website every time we send you an email. This option is usually an unsubscribed link found in the header or footer of each email we send to you.

In an event where you receive any form of communication relating to our website or the product and/or services, we offer that is not in accordance with the privacy policy or is in breach of our terms and conditions of service, ensure that you contact us at immediately and as stated in section 10.


With the exemption of personal information provided for publication, we take full responsibility for ensuring that all personal information provided to use are not lost, misused, or given to unauthorized third parties. Precautions and security measures such as firewalls, password encryption, truncation of credit card information, and data in transit encryption and secure servers will be taken to ensure that all personal information is guarded properly.

You acknowledge and agree that communication sent by electronic means of communication cannot be guaranteed and fully secured, thus, all information provided to us via the internet is at your own risk. We will not be responsible for the loss, misuse or unauthorized access to your personal information where we cannot solely control the security of the information or the medium through which the information is sent.

Always ensure that the security and confidentiality of your personal information like your username, password that you use to access our website. You acknowledge and agree that you will be held accountable for all activities carried out under your username and password such as illegal materials, publications or any unlawful or unauthorized activity billed to your credit card.

You acknowledge and agree that you are responsible for the security, or privacy practice of any third party and the collection and use of your personal information by a third party may be a different privacy and security policy than ours.

In light of any misuse, loss or unauthorized access to your personal information, please contact us at as highlighted in section 10.



You have every right (with the exception outlined in the privacy act) to access, update and make corrections to your personal information provided to by you to us. Whenever you request to have access to your provided personal information, you will be asked to verify your identity. Additional fees may be required to process your request.

To seek access to your personal information that we hold, you can contact us through  or as stated in section 10.


In the event of additional questions, inquiries or complaints about the process of collecting, using, disclosing and managing of your personal information, or if you would like to request access to your personal information that we hold, contact us via