At Tapis Mont Sinai, we are a in-home services company with over 40 years experience and based in Montreal, Canada. We offer a wide range of professional services in carpeting, flooring, cleaning and repair services in the Montreal community and surrounding areas.

Our work focuses on providing you with home services that make you feel comfortable and pay detailed attention to your requirements and the particular characteristics of your project and floor.

To ensure an attentive customer experience, we offer friendly professional support with a free consultation to budget the project before we start.

Throughout the planning and execution of floor installations and repairs, we advise you to give you the security you need with the best styles and finishes.

Our specialty in area rugs and wall-to-wall carpets and the wide variety of services and products has allowed us to quickly position ourselves as a high-quality benchmark and incredible creativity.

We commit to giving style and personality to every space; whether it is your home, office or commercial, we want you to enjoy cozy rooms that invite you to stay in them.

Our extensive experience helps us create the most current interior and exterior design trends. We offer high-quality elements using selected materials, such as laminates, vinyl, fibers, or others, to meet your needs and budget.

Let your spaces be a reflection of who you are!